Traditional Braces are everything but traditional at Braces Dallas. Dallas Braces uses a variety of bracket systems, choosing the ideal bracket system and wires for each patient. This includes self-ligating brackets, specifically the Damon bracket, which uses doors rather than ties to hold the wire into place. For maximum control, they use twin brackets, which allow precise control of tooth rotation and movement. These brackets are made in the USA, and as with all appliances at Braces Dallas, never re-used on another patient. Theses smaller brackets also have a lower profile.


Our high-tech wire system enables patients to enjoy a cleaner, more aesthetic appearance, with far fewer office visits, less discomfort and faster treatment time than with old fashioned braces. Lighter, gentler forces ease teeth into alignment, with typically 40% fewer appointments. We use over a dozen types of wires, including six types of NiTi wires. NiTi wires have many unique properties, including very light force, decreasing force when deflected (superelasticity) and activation by body heat (thermoelasticity). Since every patient is different, we individualize each patient’s wires to ensure his or her ideal arch form is achieved.


Most or our adult patients prefer the clear, ceramic braces that are much less noticeable and do not photograph. Whereas, the kids prefer the metal with color ties they can change and choose each appointment to keep it new and exciting. All patients are given the option to choose the metal or clear ceramic option.

Damon Clear Braces

Clear Ceramic Twin Braces

Model with Clear and Metal Braces (the colored dots brush off after your first visit, the dots make them easier to see when they are placed since they are so clear)