Dr. Marneni a Dallas Orthodontist says there is no better time than now for adults to have a great smile.  Dr. Marneni reports that she has seen a large increase in the number of adults having braces and Invisalign treatment done at her Dallas Orthodontics office.  The American Association of Orthodontists is confirming this number, saying that 20 percent of orthodontic cases in 2015 are adults over 18.

The reason for the large increase is simply due to the technological advancements in orthodontic appliances.  Gone are the days of looking like you have a mouth full of hardware and the discomfort associated with this old technology.  Gone are the trips to see your dentist for frequent adjustments.  Today, the braces and wires are far more advanced which means far fewer visits to the office and less discomfort.

The process in general is simply much more convenient.  Modern braces have bonded brackets that are considerably smaller than their predecessors.  Many of Dr. Marneni’s adult patients are opting for Invisalign which offers clear braces and aligners.  Most of Dr. Marneni’s adult clients can expect to wear their new braces for 12-24 months depending on the complexity and correction needed.

Another factor influencing this jump in adult orthodontic patients is due to the affordability.  The overall cost of orthodontics has dropped and cosmetic dental financing is now available.

Dr. Marneni offers a number of options for braces including ceramic braces, clear braces or Invisalign, and fun colors for kids.  Who would of thought kids would be excited about braces, but today’s kids are very excited about getting braces and then personalizing the braces with colors they love.

All new patients at Oakheights Dental receive a complimentary exam and consultation.  In addition if you are an adult with a child and both in the need of Orthodontics Dr. Marneni does offer family discounts.  Many parents today are going through the experience together with their children, it has become a family affair.

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